Flume & Chet Faker - Drop the Game [Official Music Video]

Fool Of Me Feat. Chet Faker

I like it when clothes have a story and I like finding things that move me somehow but I think it’s very important to not make fashion too much of a thing in your life. It’s a tool to show who you are to the world but only if you’re privileged enough to to be able to worry about it.
- Clémence Poésy

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Morning Sean // 35mm
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Human: “HAHAHA Animals are so dumb!”

*goes to war with its own species, uses up all of its resources, destroys its own environment, pollutes its own air and water*

Animal: *licks its own asshole*

human: *licks someone else’s asshole and calls it sex*

Ass eating goes hard so what’s your point

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ceramicsparadise:Mitoma Osamu
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‘Havana, Cuba’ by Alex Webb, 1993
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